A Semantic Interpretation of Bangla Numeral Classifier ‘ʈa’

Shuvam Dutta


My paper focuses on the Bangla classifiers ‘-ʈa’. It is mainly a Numeral classifier. Numeral classifiers are the most commonly recognized type of classifier system. In Bangla we identify ‘-ʈa/ʈo/ʈe’, ‘-ɟon’, ‘-kʰana/kʰani’, ‘-gacʰa/gacʰi’ etc. as numeral classifiers. They appear adjoining to numerals in numeral noun phrases and expression of quantity. The main goal of my work is to identify the semantic nature of definiteness of the Bangla Numeral classifiers, specially ‘-ʈa’ and the interactive nature between semantic and syntactic properties on ‘-ʈa’. To describe the structure, I follow the three layered DP structure which modeled by Dr. Tanmoy Bhattacharya. According to Dr. Veneeta Dayal and Tanmoy Bhattacharya, I interpret the syntax and describe the definiteness of Bangla Numeral Classifier. Then my effort was to find out the semantic nature of definiteness of Bangla Numeral Classifier ‘-ʈa’ by λ calculus and finally I have tried to find out the interface between Syntax and Semantics.

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